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Having been left for another, Trisha decides that the best way to nurse her broken heart is to escape to India, armed with a copy of the Karma Sutra with its promise to teach her how to attract a new lover, train a hawk (to carry love letters, of course!), furnish a house seductuvely, and seduce other women's husbands (well, maybe not that one).


At the last minute, Trisha is joined by her long lost backpacking companion, Sally. Unbeknown to Trisha, in the intervening years, Sally has become a bag lady and a shopaholic. Now Trisha finds herself sharing her Indian adventure with her eccentric friend and her monster suitcase with its untidy collection of clothes, maps, pamphlets, plastic bags and secret Sally stuff. 


Navigating the chaotic streets of India in death-defying rickshaws, and traversing the country on overcrowded trains, and buses driven by speed freaks; Trisha and Sally find themselves almost marooned in the Thar Desert after an unfortunate dog incident, almost camel-napped in Rajasthan, pursued by a charging bull at Jaisalmer, attacked in no uncertain terms by an amorous monkey in Dehli, and stranded in a flooded hotel room in sodden underwear in the middle of the night at Mount Abu... and those were the good days!


With her passion for architecutre and history in her heart, and with the Karma Sutra under her arm, Trisha Bernard takes us on a hilarious romp through India.-

With the Karma Sutra under my arm

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