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Captain Cook's Three Voyages:

History and Creative Writing Combined

For grades 3-6

90 minute duration

While presenting about Captain Cook's three voyages and telling the story of the epic adventures, Patricia discusses how a picture book, a short story, an essay or a chapter book could be written about parts of the journey. She invites the students to imagine a plot for a story that includes Cook crossing the Antarctica for the first time, or arriving in Tahiti or Hawaii.  She suggests they become a character in Cook's adventure and write in the first person. Patricia discusses the difference between fact and fiction and how the students can use the facts of Cook's adventures and turn them into a fiction that includes pirates, a race around the earth or a monster fish appearing in the Pacific. 

Teachers Notes


Some of Patricia's children and young adult books have associated teachers notes and learning guides.

Current teachers notes are available for Legend of the Three Moons 

Sailing Boat
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