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!Speak in public!

'Oh no! Not me! I'd be too nervous, I'd look silly, I wouldn't know what to say'


Would you link to: Look good? Sound great? Get results?

  • Banish nerves and improve your social skills
  • Express your opinions, beliefs and ideas
  • Build self-esteem and develop self-confidence
  • Increase your opportunities for the future
  • Persuade, influence, negotiate and converse with ease


Marcelle Bernard's fun, conversational book offers "hands on" practical solutions for people who want to communicate with confidence. Stand Up! Speak Up! includes the rules, tools and secret weapons needed to give pain free public presentations. 

  • A speech recipe for any occasion
  • Tips from impromptu speaking
  • Ways to win over your audience

Her 3 'P' Plan, Prepare, Practice and Present will have you become an effective speakre. You can and will Stand Up! Speak Up!


Marcelle Bernard is an international speaker who has been teaching Communication and leadership skills since 1985. An inspiring presented who has: jumped from perfectly safe airplanes, gone white-water rafting, fasted for seven days, abseiled down sheer cliff faces, sat in silence with a Japanese monk and walked on fire. But the scariest thing she ever did as give her first speech. By applying the principles in this book, Marcelle has won numerous trophies in speaking competitions and is a sought after professional public speaker.

Stand Up! Speak Up! Success through communication

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